East meets West

Ismahane Kamer (english)

East meets West

The 1001 stories

Ismahane Kamar, daughter of a diplomat and a writer and born in Geneva, spent her youth in her father’s home country of Algeria and has lived in her mother’s home country of the Netherlands since 1988.

The project East meets West slowly started taking shape after she had studied under several talented artists from Algeria, the Netherlands and America from 2001 onwards.

The great contrasts between western and eastern cultures that she carries within herself are a powerful breeding ground for her paintings and other expressions of art.

This background led to the choice of mixed media techniques that allow for the expression of a rich emotional life: her work is characterized by an enticing play of colours and shapes, with powerful and poetic decors from the world of One Thousand and One Nights flirting with each other, making room for softness and authenticity.

For Ismahane Kamar, art represents a meeting: the view of the artist and the experience of the art lover meet and surprise each other every time in a new story.

“I met you in the twilight, and you entered my dreams.
In 1001 nights you told me 1001 stories.
And at down I whispered: “I will never forget”…

Ismahane Kamar